Thursday, July 19, 2012


There is a book, which is almost like the natural history museum in the previous post being compressed into a bundle of papers! Titled 'EVOLUTION,' this book is large and heavy to our hands, and the size does justice to the great presence of the skeletal specimens. They are arranged in compositions in which every piece of bone is visible, and so it is wonderful in terms of anatomical information, but this book is already a gem for the stunningly beautiful photographies...!


It indeed contains pictures of many animal skeletons stored in les Galeries de d'Anatomie comparée. (I actually found this book for the first time in the shop inside the museum!) I highly recommend this 2D version of the amazing natural history museum!


This book EVOLUTION can be found in places such as


PS: There is a smaller and less expensive new version available. To go to the Amazon page on the new version, click here.


Photos by Patrick Gries
写真はPatrick Griesのもの

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