Saturday, March 2, 2013


I cannot believe it. The favorite desk toy of mine, as of many many others, had been discontinued. I lost mine somewhere, and now I cannot get it any longer, which makes me quite sad...


Buckyballs, for those who did not have the chance to play with them, are small magnetic balls. That's it. But then they offer an infinite amount of fun, since you can do so much with it. You can make shapes of all kinds. If you are a nerdy biologist, you can make biological-looking structures, which resemble microtubules for example. Me? I would make a sheet and stretch it, saying in my mind "Membrane!" Yeah, fine, I am a nerd. (But then the membrane phospholipids are just like those magnets - they are attracting each other...)


Apparently there are some incidents of people swallowing pieces of Buckyballs, and they are dangerous to swallow, since they are hard to come out the body and will interfere with medical exams (such as MRI). I guess it was enough reason to make the Consumer Agency nervous. Even still though, I wish I could get more of it while I could. It was a medium we could really get creative with....!

なんでも、バッキーボールの粒を飲み込んでしまうと、なかなか取り出せない上にMRIなどの検査に支障がでるとのこと。そのような事故が何件か発生した末、廃盤が決定したそうです。分からなくもないですが、ああ、手に入れられるうちにもっと買っておけば良かった、と後悔しています。本当に創造性を触発してくれるいい媒体だったのですよ。(注意: 日本ではまだ類似商品が手に入るようです。入手の際は、小さなお子さんなどからは遠ざけ、お気をつけてお遊びください。)

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