Monday, April 1, 2013

Aalto house・アアルトの家, Vol. 1

It was several years ago, just about this time of a year, when spring was sprung in the temperate countries in the northern hemisphere, like Japan and USA. In Helsinki, Finland, the shoes and rivers were still frozen. It was my first trip to Helsinki, and I had only a few days to explore; so I had to prioritize. But,  as a huge fan of the father of Finnish design Alvar Aalto, I could not miss visiting his house (which is kept as a private museum).


I was the only visitor for the hour, so they gave me a private tour and afterward let me explore on my own. (Yes!) He made the house when he was still a young and start-up architect in the area, which was considered a far end of the city (at that time), on a very tight budget. This house was his experiment, showcase, and grand collection of his motto to create something everyone can afford. He loved the place dearly and spent most of his life there, together with two much loved wives. It was a full life - you can feel it there in his house.


In this post, I will post photos of the office/studio part of the house.

Aalto liked this corner of the house. His desk was permanently placed here - not in the office room.


Desks of his workers. The pictures were painted by Aalto. The upper floor was for the newbies. They had to start there by sharpening hundreds of pencils a day. (laugh)


This room was supposed to be his office, but he didn't like it, apparently. Instead, his wife and fellow designer Aino used it.


This is a secret door to the 2nd floor of the house. When he was too busy or overwhelmed, he would sneak out of the work place from this door to the balcony.


A collection of bits and pieces. Some were dug up during construction of the house, and others were taken up on trips to all over the world.


To be continued in Vol. 2...


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