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When I was looking for a gripper for my minimally designed, sleek and slippy, camera, I couldn't find any that was appealing. I thought, "it would be so nice if I could just make it myself with clay." But of course, you cannot use any clay (for one, it would not stick to plastic surface). Then I found Sugru.


Sugru is a new kind of clay-like material. It is made of silicon rubber and bonds to most surfaces (glass, plastics, wood, etc.). It cures in 24 hours to a tough (yet bouncy and soft to touch) mass that can hold a lot of weight... It comes in black, white, and all the primary colors, and so you can mix to make any color you want. And more - it is stable at high temperatures, and you can even remove it later.

スグルは、新しく開発された粘土のような材料です。シリコン ゴムでできていて、ガラスやプラスチックや木材など、いろいろな表面に接着します。空気中で24時間で固まるのですが、一度固まると、触ると柔らかいものの、かなり重いものも持ち上げられるくらい強固になります。白黒と三原色を混ぜて好きな色を作ることができるうえ、高温にも対応可能で、時間がたってから剥がすこともできる、という便利な優れもの。


You can make anything with it, and fix or add special touch of your own to any mass-produced items. I got a lot of ideas looking through what other people made with Sugru.


By the way, I wasn't the only one thinking of making a gripper for a camera, it seems!


As intriguing as the product itself is the story behind development of Sugru. It started when an art student     Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh wished of such materials and start making one. She really took it to another level and collaborated with materials scientists and even made a laboratory at home to invent the new kind of material. During her 5 year effort, investors were supporting the project, but then there was the dreadful economy crisis that hit Ireland hard... But once it became available to the market, though, the rest was a history. It was really entrepreneurs' dream come true. In the video below, the creator explains how Sugru works!

スグルという商品そのものと同じくらい興味深かったのが、その開発の物語でした。一人の芸大生が、こんなものがあればと夢見たところから始まります。この生徒、夢だけに終わらせることなく、材料工学の専門家と一緒に研究をして(家に自分のラボまで作っちゃった!)、この新しいマテリアルを生み出すことに成功。5年にわたる開発は投資で賄われていたものの、そんな時アイルランドに恐慌が押し寄せ…。苦労がありながらも、一度発売されるとメディアが絶賛で注文が殺到。起業家の夢を実現してしまいました。ちなみに、この下のビデオで、開発者の Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh さん が自らスグルの使い方を説明してくれます。

Sugru means 'play' in Irish. Great name that is. For more information, please go to: If you would like to order some Sugru, please go to: They ship worldwide.

Sugru とは、アイルランド語で「遊び」のことらしい。いい名前ですね。
もっとSugruのことを知りたい人は、 へどうぞ。Sugru は世界各国に発送しているそうで、 から注文できます。

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