Saturday, June 23, 2012


Lithops are also called living rocks (because they just look like pebbles!). They are succulents of the ice plant family (not cactus). What you see of them are basically two leaves. A new pair of leaves emerge in spring, but the old ones quickly dry out. They live naturally in Southern Africa, and their unique appearance is a clever tactic to trick animals looking for something juicy in the dry land. But interestingly, they make a very showy flower that screams out for attention!


The pattern on the surface is not just decoration. The top surface of lithops has ‘windows’ to let light come inside for better photosynthesis. If you have a chance, slice out the top and see it from beneath. Although I myself don’t have the heart to sacrifice one out of only two leaves they have…!


Photos are from・写真は、www.lithops.infoより。

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