Saturday, June 30, 2012

Subway in Stockholm・ストックホルムの地下鉄

Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia with 850,000 inhabitants (2 million in the metropolitan area). The city consists of several islands and lakes. It is urban but at the same time close to nature; in other words, it sure looks like a nice place to live. Pretty reliable public transportation, which is rare to find globally speaking, covers the entire city well, and so it is easy to walk around and explore.


It is expensive, though. The subway fare starts from $5-6! Scandinavia is expensive; the reputation is correct. “It is a downside of living in Stockholm.” I said, and a friend of mine who lives there replied that there are super discounted passes for residents of the city. Ah, that makes sense.

But it is worthy of going underground for another reason: art. Some lines made each station into artistic canvas, and I hopped on and off the vehicle at several stops. I did not fully get the concepts of some of the installments, but some others made me want to use them as everyday hub.

I was particularly impressed by this one. The wall is covered with all sorts of colors in bright pastel tones. There are maps and timeline figures, on histories of world civilizations in parallel.  

And the events are marked in different colors, depending on the cultural regions! So neatly done. It does tickle soft spots of history and geography lovers!

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